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 Przedszkole w Lelowie

ul. Szczekocińska 41
42-235 Lelów
tel. +48 34 355 00 81


Quiz about Europe

1.Which of these languages isn't an official language in Switzerland?:

a. German

b. French

c. Spanish

d. Italian

2.What countries does Eurotunnel connect?:

a. Poland and Germany

b. France and the United Kingdom

c. Sweden and Poland

d. Portugal and Spain

3.How many countries belong to the European Union?:

a. 12

b. 15

c. 28

d. 30

4.Which is the biggest country in the European Union (number of inhabitants)?:

a. France

b. Germany

c. Spain

d. Poland

5.Which sea does not border Europe?:

a. The Baltic Sea

b. The Black Sea

c. the Yellow Sea

d. The Mediterranean Sea

6.How many stars are there on the European Union flag?:

a. 10

b. 12

c. 15

d. 20

7.What is the title of the European Union anthem:

a. Ode to Joy

b. Ode to Peace

c. Ode to Europe

d. Ode to Friendship

8.Who was the composer of the European Union anthem:

a. Johan Strauss

b. Ludwig van Beethoven

c. Fryderyk Chopin

d. Ignacy Paderewski

9.Which of the monuments is not situated in Europe:

a. Golden Gate Bridge

b. The Brandenburg Gate

c. the Arc de Triomphe

d. The Acropolis

10.Which of the bands does not come from Europe:

a. U2

b. Metallica

c. Scorpions

d. Green Day


11.What colours are on the Italian flag (from the left)?:

a. red, white, green

b. green, red, white

c. green, white, red

d. white, green, red

12.Which is the longest river in Europe:

a. Vistula

b. Volga

c. Rhine

d. Danube

13.Which country is famous for great watches?:

a. Austria

b. Hungary

c. Germany

d. Switzerland

14.Historical Spanish Steps are situated in...:

a. Rome

b. Paris

c. Barcelona

d. Madrid

15.Where do these famous people come from: Luther, Beethoven, Bach?:

a. France

b. Austria

c. Germany

d. Denmark

16.What currency is used in the UK?:

a. british dollar

b. pound

c. euro

d. mark

17.Where are the most important institutions of the European Union?:

a. in Brussels

b. in Paris

c. in Geneva

d. in Amsterdam

18.What is typical of Spain:

a. tulips

b. bullfights

c. spaggetti

d. wine

19.The Louvre Museum in Paris was originally built as:

a. fortress

b. prison

c. palace

d. museum

20.What language do Celtic Glasgow footballers speak:

a. German

b. English

c. Greek

d. Portuguese


21.The church in Lelów is in ... :

a. Klasztorna Street

b. Kościelna Street

c. Zamkowa Street

d. Szczekocińska Street

22.Jasna Góra in Częstochowa is a famous...:

a. park

b. street

c. square

d. monastery

23.Which of these countries does not belong to the European Union?:

a. Portugal

b. Slovakia

c. Norway

d. France

24.The oldest underground in Europe is in:

a. Prague

b. Madrid

c. Paris

d. London

25.Which country isn't an island:

a. Malta

b. Cyprus

c. Italy

d. Ireland

26.When is the Eurpean Day celebrated:

a. 10th June

b. 1st May

c. 9th May

d. 4th July

27.Robert Lewandowski plays for:

a. Borussia Dortmund

b. Real Madrid

c. Bayern Munich

d. AC Milan

28.What language does the word "robot" come from?:

a. German

b. Polish

c. English

d. Czekish

29.The Olympic Games 2012 were held in:

a. The United Kingdom

b. Greece

c. Poland and Ukraine

d. Russia

30.When was Berlin Wall opened in:

a. 1980

b. 1989

c. 1992

d. 1997

31.The symbol of England is:

a. a shamrock

b. a dragon

c. a rose

d. a sword

32.What city does the Beatles come from?:

a. Manchester

b. London

c. Edinburgh

d. Liverpool

32.What does Real mean in the football team name Real Madrid?:

a. great

b. real

c. royal

d. big

34.What is the smallest country in Europe?:

a. Andorra

b. Liechteinstein

c. San Marino

d. Vatican City

35.What is the most widely spoken first language in Europe?:

a. English

b. German

c. Spanish

d. French

36.What country does not use euro as its official currency?:

a. Bulgaria

b. Denmark

c. Lithuania

d. All of the above

37.What country was golf created in?:

a. Denmark

b. Scotland

c. England

d. Germany

38.What activity takes place during a famous annual festival in Valencia, Spain?:

a. Clowns battle

b. Running of the bulls

c. Tomato fight

d. Firework competition

39.Where was Eurovision Song Contest 2014 held:

a. Athens

b. Copenhagen

c. Helsinki

d. Budapest

40.Transylvania, the home of Dracula is located in...

a. Hungary

b. the Czech Republic

c. Romania

d. Bulgaria


41.What is Big Ben?:

a. a clock

b. a tower

c. a bell

d. a statue

42.Lego bricks are originally produced in....

a. Italy

b. Denmark

c. Germany

d. France.

43.Famous Charles Bridge is in...:

a. Prague

b. Budapest

c. Sofia

d. Valencia

44.The largest European cheese producer is...:

a. Denmark

b. France

c. The Netherlands

d. Switzerland

45.The largest European city is...:

a. London

b. Moscow

c. Paris

d. Berlin

46.Who created Esperanto?:

a. Ferdinand de Saussure

b. J.R.R. Tolkien

c. Naom Chomsky

d. Ludwig Zamenhof

47.How many languages exist in Europe:

a. less than 100

b. 100 – 200

c. 200 – 300

d. 300 – 400

48.The oldest European language which is used until now is ...:

a. German

b. Basque

c. Icelandic

d. Greek

49.When was European Union awarded the Nobel Prize:

a. 2008

b. 2010

c. 2012

d. 2014

50.Who is the patron of Ireland?:

a. St Andrew

b. St George

c. St Patric

d. St Paul


Key: 1c, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5c, 6b, 7a, 8b, 9a, 10d, 11c, 12b, 13d, 14a, 15c, 16b, 17a, 18b, 19c, 20b, 21a, 22d, 23c, 24d, 25c, 26c, 27c, 28d, 29a, 30b, 31c, 32d, 33c, 34d, 35b, 36d, 37b, 38c, 39b, 40c, 41a, 42b, 43a, 44c, 45b, 46d, 47c, 48b, 49c, 50c